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Very Very BAD HOSPITAL!!! I was put on hold for over 45 minutes just to get an appointment with the spine center and after 2 1/2 weeks of waiting finally seen a surgeon who was NOT the surgeon I needed to see.

I had written a letter stating I wanted to see a surgeon to do cervical disk replacement and they scheduled me with an orthopedic who does not do them and told me he did. WASTED APPOINTMENT and then I was given 7 X RAYS on my neck and the doctor didn't even look at them because I was forced to send in my MRI of my neck first before making an appointment with a surgeon which too over 2 more weeks. Then they could not find my MRI when I got there to give back to me. There was a lot more, BUT I WOULD NEVER GO HERE!!!!

ALL YOU DO IS WAIT ON PHONES and never get anywhere. Also, I was having severe severe pain and the scheduling dept because you can't talk directly to the doctors office just said no availability to get in any sooner because they were schedulers not the doctors office. I CALLED ANOTHER NEUROSURGEONS OFFICE AND THEY GOT ME IN ON AN EMERGENCY BASIS WITHIN A FEW DAYS IN COLUMBUS, AND I WAS ACTUALLY ABLE TO TALK TO THE DOCTORS OFFICE DIRECTLY AND THEY HEARD MY PAIN!! NOT CLEVELAND CLINIC, IT WAS AWEFUL AND NEVER GOT ANYWHERE!!!

also it was a process over a period of several calls to get my MRI and x rays back to take to the other doctors office.

It took them over 2 weeks to get them back to me. TERRIBLE!!!!

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We had a similar issue... My mom went in for a triage appointment with a "spine specialist" who turned out to be an anesthesiologist...

they never looked at her MRI and then could not find it when she requested it when we switched doctors. Then they told us they mailed it to her, but could not produce the address to which it was mailed. So her personal health information is floating around out there somewhere for someone to find (hipaa violation, anyone??), and we had to pay to get a new MRI disk printed to take elsewhere. The next Dr.

we saw jumped straight to a steroid injection, and I could not help but notice he did not even tell her what he was injecting, no less the risks or side effects. Zero informed consent...

just "here's an injection" *poke* He told her after the fact that it was a steroid. Personally I have had several unrelated atrocious experiences with them and wish with all my heart she would go to a different hospital.

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