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I went to Fairview Hospital last fall because I had severe back spasms and severe side pain. I was given a bracelet signifying I have epilepsy.

Later in my room, I called a nurse because I had to use the bathroom. (Note that I was cautioned not to get out of bed without assistance because of my condition.) Nurse came in looking at me like I had asked her for her life's blood. Minimal assistance (walking next to me), pointed at the can across the hall from my room. Let me make my own way over there, open door, turn on light, step across wet floor to the toilet.

After which I got up, walked through the water to the sink, washed and left. The exemplary (ha) nurse person was standing down the hall. I should have made a formal complaint but was so ill with the flare-up of epilepsy symptoms I just wanted to be checked out and go home.

It boggles my mind how these lazy lumps manage to get a job working with people they don't give anything about. Why even work in this area if you aren't going to do the job you are getting paid for?

Product or Service Mentioned: Cleveland Clinic Medical Care.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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