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Had a doctor look at what he termed a squamus cell carcinoma on December 7, 2017. He was kind enough to let e know that this would produce a very painful death. Of course I never heard another word from him so I anxiously awaiting my very painful death. He offered no advice on maintaining or managing this 4inch by 5 inch carcinoma. Suddenly on March 15, 2018 they called wanting to schedule a biopsy on it. I had to advise the always will be number 2 hospital that I had moved on this morning by seeing someone at University Hospital in hopes that I won't suffer the very painful death waiting for treatment. I can say that UH showed more concern with my well being than America's Number 2 ever has. Apparently requesting the transfer of all y medical records caught someone's attention at NUMBER 2. While seeking surgical treatment from the transplant team headed by Kareem Muhammed Abu El Magd, it was not an uncommon thing to go without food for days at a time due to the gross negligence of his support staff, being lied to about why surgery was being cancelled. She told me it was due to a polyp and she later forgot the lie and told e the doctor was out of the country on a family emergency on the day of surgery. So if you want to go for days at a time with an NBO order because

his great support team forgot to remove the NBO a few times, go to Cleveland's Number 2 and you can be well on your way to slimming down the first day.

I can only think they equate themselves to something that is brown and smells bad because they know they treat their patients like NUMBER 2.

If You enjoy life and honesty stay as far away from Number 2 as possible.


Product or Service Mentioned: Cleveland Clinic Medical Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Yes. After a nightmare appointment that has almost totally turned me off, I started penning a letter to the CEO with this complaint.

This is the only system in Cleveland with staff this poorly informed, disorganized, etc.

And it costs. I'm being judged for seeing so many doctors, yet half of them were due to shcedulers not being clear on what the doctors do, etc.


After much experience via family members with health problems, it has become increasingly apparent that the very first piece of information a patient needs to obtain is the name of the surgeon, etc. In your case, you should have been forewarned. Now you know.

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