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I had a surgery and was billed for twenty drugs when the only used five and then they refused to take the drugs off the bill they then sent a later bill and then they refused to show the bills that were already paid on the first billings. They then sicked their in house collections team on us and then their customer service lady just stopped communicating in regards to the complaint. when I complained to my medical insurance the clinic refused to cooperate with them as well and then turned around and sold the debt causing us to have to again send out numerous certified letters to the clinic.

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Cleveland, Ohio, United States #1275970

I'm sorry for your experience.But, unfortunately, you will never win and are only wasting money on sending out certified letters (I've done that too, they are useless, likely ignored, and probably 'intercepted' so that they can't get to the higher-ups that could help you, but probably wouldn't, anyhow).

It's a real shame.

This "healthcare" system should be called by its right name: "moneycare," because that's what it's really all about.

Solon, Ohio, United States #1267961

I can relate to "selling the debt." I had no success with billing in helping to exonorate me from my bill.Instead, a bank loan was arranged/imposed on me.

I still don't know what I "really owe," and no one is helping me, so I am paying it as I don't want to ruin my credit.

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