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Update by user Nov 30, 2014

THIS WAS THE ORIGINAL POST: I have had heart problems for the last 4 years, I visited Cleveland clinic in June 2013 for help with possible diastolic dysfunction.I made an appointment with Dr.

Neubeuer for help. my cardiologist in Atlanta sent over 140 pages 3-4 weeks in advance for the doctors review.

I had cleared this visit with my insurance company and explained upon check in not to perform any tests that could be performed in Atlanta. When I met the doctor after an 800 mile drive he explained that wow you have a lot of records and they are a mess and I haven't had a chance to review them.

He proceeded to order tests to check me out. Six weeks later I received a bill for over 1800.00 for tests billed as hospital services which I requested no testing without consulting my insurance. Long and short I contacted billing they basically said to bad...

pay your bills. i got a supervisor involved who stated the doctor would not respond to his request to review billing.

The reason for this review is he wrote a letter to my general practitioner stating he saw no evidence of a heart attack in the ekg they performed( he was supplied ten ekg's that showed previous infarction and poor wave progression.) The next statement by the doctor was there was no evidence of v-tach even though he was supplied with a hospital report from April listing same symptom as well as a stress test from March also listed as previous v-tach. Finally he mentioned no record of arrhythmia even though it was listed on multiple reports. I also explained to billing that obviously the doctor ordered tests based on NOT reading all my records.

I also explained that I had a signed affidavit from the person traveling with me that each day I explained about being from Atlanta and not to perform testing not 100 percent paid for by insurance.

The icing on the cake the tests they did stated no diastolic dysfunction at all even though it was documented by two separate hospital visits one within three months of my arrival. One test ordered for urine???never even had results shared with me or my doctors BUT it is certainly on the bill. Doctor visits for a specialist for me are 45 co-pay but the way Cleveland Clinic chose to bill it was over 400.00. Now they have placed me in collections because billing told me to just pay my bills.

So no records read, a week in a hotel, 1600 miles of driving, no communication that was even remotely accurate, absolute rudeness and arrogance from billing and *** on me just hand it to collections.

SURPRISE I have spoken to the insurance commissioners office for Georgia they said they could not help because it was in a different state. They did suggest I contact our local media station (good idea with the recent focus on health care) and expose this mess since we have Emory University and St. Josephs major hospitals in Atlanta.

Did I fo get Cleveland Clinic hung up when I tried to contact the CEO( you will get a copy of this tomorrow:>! Also I am a state employee and have some good contacts.CLEVELAND CLINIC WILL BILL BILL BILL and does not care about its patients once they leave.

Original review posted by user Nov 30, 2014

This is a follow up post to a post on Cleveland Clinic Rudest Billing ever. After many written correspondences with this "business" and after having to threaten them over lack of care and insurance fraud based on correspondence they sent me, things calmed down and went away.

I sent multiple emails with proof of doctors records not read and even a letter from the billing physician proving i was not properly treated. My insurance company was backing me and asked me to inform them if I wanted to expose/file fraud charges. Now almost one year later I got the famous your debt has been turned over to collections. Cleveland clinic is now harassing me after settling this with Beau Kessler a Cleveland Clinic employee..I will not stand for this you have unleashed one super PISSED consumer.

I will post the letter sent to Cleveland Clinic and am going to try and start a website devoted to the BS this company puts patients through. Enough is enough go after someone who you actually treated and deserved additional money, refer to post by Dan Gorski from December 28th on this website.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Improper billing, Incompetent care.

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we need a website to expose Cleveland clinic on their insane billing and their horrendous customer service!!!!!

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